Alcohol formula

World’s first hangover supplement may help prevent alcohol-related liver and organ damage

The hangover supplement launched in the UK this week to much fanfare – thanks to “the large number of moderate drinkers​” in the region – and is potentially “game-changingsays Myrkl CEO Håkan Magnusson.

He proclaims that it is “the first product in history to effectively break down alcohol”​, following study results that indicate Myrkl reduces blood alcohol levels by half within 30 minutes of drinking and up to 70% after one hour.

Magnuson said: “Independent clinical trials prove how powerful this product is in breaking down alcohol​.”

A recent study conducted by the Pfützner Science & Health Institute and funded by the DeFaire Medical Institute (DFM) noted that the supplement promoted the gut lactobacillus​associated with reduced markets of oxidative stress and intestinal and hepatic inflammation, and efficiently metabolizes ethyl alcohol to carbon dioxide and water to reduce alcohol resorption from the intestinal tract.

This process normalized the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa and resulted in less alcohol absorption, the authors note.

Decades of development

Myrkl is the flagship commercial launch from Swedish probiotic developer, DFM, and the culmination of 30 years of research and development (R&D).

The hangover supplement combines key ingredients that restore balance and build resistance to prevent unwanted symptoms.

A hangover is usually caused by ethanol, which is broken down in the liver and produces acetic acid, a toxic by-product that triggers hangover symptoms, such as dehydration, headaches and nausea.

However, the active ingredients in Myrkl accelerate the breakdown of alcohol to inhibit absorption into the blood and prevent hangover symptoms.

Proprietary formula includes fermented rice bran (abundant in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories) which stimulates gut spread bacillus subtiliusand coagulant bacillus​, which catalyzes ethanol before it reaches the liver.

It also contains L-cysteine ​​(an amino acid found in protein-rich foods) which replenishes depleted antioxidants (including glutathione) and aids in building and repairing tissue, and vitamin B12 which provides a immune support and increases energy levels.

Target audience

Middle-aged men and “especially women“are part of the target audience, however the pill is not for consumers who want to get drunk or drink heavily and need to”never be an excuse to drink more alcohol,” says Myrkl co-owner Frederic Fernandez.

We have a very clear position on alcohol. Alcohol is harmful to health, even from the first drink. No one should drink (no matter how much) and drive.

He argues that Myrkl’s goal is to help regular moderate drinkers “to wake up feeling refreshed the next day, whether it’s a busy professional, young parents, or seniors who want to maintain an active social life.”

He adds that taking the pill will make getting drunk much harder (longer and more expensive).


DFM recommends taking two tablets of Myrkl between one and 12 hours before consuming alcohol.

The product is currently only available on the brand’s website, for sale in the UK and other selected EU countries (Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and the Nordics), but it will eventually expand to retail, including pharmacies”when the right time comes“.

Myrkl said the supplement will launch in the United States and Canada in late 2022 and in Asia in early 2023.

The supplement is 100% natural and vegan. The tablets are encapsulated in hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and contain microcrystalline cellulose, emulsifiers (magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide) and dextrin, as well as the main active ingredients.

All ingredients are authorized and recognized as safe by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the United States Food Drug Administration (FDA).