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Will gas stations in Qatar start selling alcohol? – Doha News

The Qatar Fuel Company (WOQOD) has denied the false claims on social media.

Following statements made on multiple social media platforms, WOQOD, Qatar’s main fuel company and operator of most of the gas stations in Doha, released a statement dismissing claims it had been licensed as rumors. for its alcoholic beverage outlets.

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In a statement via its Twitter account, WOQOD said that “Regarding what recently circulated on social media regarding the granting of WOQOD a license to sell alcohol at its gas stations, the company would like to point out that these rumors have no basis and are totally false. “

Alcohol is available for those who wish to purchase it in Qatar, but its sale is regulated with only hotels, resorts and restaurants located in tourist places authorized to serve it. Residents who wish to purchase alcoholic beverages for their home can only find them from the Qatar Distribution Company (QDC) which is the only outlet authorized to sell alcoholic beverages for home consumption.