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Why a TikTok went viral for comparing Costco booze to ‘the real thing’

Superimposed in front of a Costco, @yourrichbff deploys a classic TikTok formula by taking the voices of two people. “Get me a handful of Kirkland vodka,” says the first character, whose friend replies, “Ew! We’re out of college—we can afford the Gray Goose.”

“It’s not about ‘afford’, it’s about the product,” Kirkland’s Stan counters. “You know Costco’s Kirkland liquor is made by famous distillers, right?” This friend claims that the people who bottle the fancy-label Gray Goose are the same producers of Kirkland vodka, and goes on to state a similar parallel between Kirkland bourbon and rum with Jim Beam. The friend decides that she will “never pay too much for a label again”.

The claim that Gray Goose and Kirkland Signature are the same product has been largely dispelled, reports Silvia Pellegrino for The Drinks Business, who also clarifies the alleged equivalence of Kirkland bourbon and Jim Beam. However, Pellegrino also references a Vice article that confirms Kirkland Signature Vodka and Gray Goose “use water from the Gensac Springs region of France.” Technicalities aside, @yourrichbff’s general point rings true: while Kirkland Signature liquor may not look as fancy as its high-end counterparts, it still tastes great.