Alcohol farm

When the wife stopped him from drinking alcohol, the husband took a big step forward

Chattarpur: In Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, a woman stopped her husband from drinking alcohol and he consumed poison in anger. After the incident, the husband was admitted to the district hospital in critical condition. The incident happened in Gangwaha village under Bamitha police station in Chhatarpur district. Ramprasad adivasis (55) who live here create rowdiness by drinking alcohol every day. The day before, when Ramprasad’s wife, Shanti, stopped him from drinking alcohol, he got angry and consumed the poisonous substance. After the case, the son called an ambulance and took him to the hospital.

Ramprasad’s drinking habit disturbs the people in his household. He works as a farmer and spends all his hard-earned money drinking alcohol. The condition of his house is also bad due to the alcohol habit. Ramprasad often assaults and abuses his wife when she refuses to drink alcohol.

According to the same son of Ramprasad, Arvind Adivasi, his father used to abuse and assault the house after consuming alcohol. As a result, the mother refused to drink alcohol. When the father assaulted his mother, the two brothers tried to convince him that he had passed the nagwar and in a fit of rage he took the medicine preserved in the wheat. He is being treated at Chhatarpur district hospital.

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