Alcohol consumption

What does Strathmore think about allowing the public consumption of alcohol? –

Calgary, Edmonton and now Chestermere are allowing public drinking in parks, leading some Strathmore residents to question whether or not we’ll follow.

A topic this big often finds people on both sides, and Rick Bengivingo is one of those who thinks it would be a bad idea to follow in Chestermere’s footsteps.

“I don’t think they should (allow alcohol in the parks). There’s enough alcohol in the area, in the bars and everything. No need to bring it into the parks. is not needed where children are involved,” Bengivingo said.

Others, like Mike Gibbons, think it would be great if Strathmore allowed public drinking in parks.

“I’m definitely not a drinker myself, but I’m for freedom of choice, and that’s most important to me is that I think people should have a choice to do what they I know some people take advantage of that and they kind of act stupid, but I guess that’s an unfortunate part of freedom,” Gibbons said.

While Gibbons is a believer that everyone should have the freedom to do whatever they want, he added that you shouldn’t be allowed to do whatever you want if it hurts others.

“If people want to come off as idiots I guess it’s up to them, as long as they don’t impact other people too much, that’s always one of my big things. You should be able to do most things you want to do, as long as it doesn’t impact other people.”

While there are strong opinions both for and against, many fall somewhere in the middle. Like Gibbons, Jimmy Jamjar says people should be able to have alcohol in parks, but it needs to be controlled.

“I really think they (people who drink alcohol in parks) shouldn’t overdo it. There should be some sort of limit, rules should be enforced. If you’re going to drink in a park, there are kids, you have to think about the kids, you have to think about your drinking because you don’t want to mess up too much. With a controlled environment and enforced rules, I’m all for it,” Jamjar said. .

Debbie Nadeau agrees with Jamjar that parks should be considered a popular place for children. While she’s okay with drinking in parks, she said it couldn’t be in places where kids hang out, like playgrounds. If there are certain areas of Kinsmen Park dedicated to adults who want to drink, she sees no problem, as long as there are no children.

If Strathmore ends up following in Chestermere’s footsteps, it wouldn’t be Nadeau’s first experience with municipalities allowing public consumption.

“I just moved here from BC and they do it in BC in the Okanagan. If it’s well supervised it’s fine, if it’s not supervised it’s not fine. They must therefore have the staff to monitor it,” said Nadeau.

Ultimately, Nadeau believes it comes down to people who decide to drink alcohol in parks.

“We have to believe that adults are going to have enough common sense, that they’re going to treat it with respect, that they’re going to use it as it should.”

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