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What causes most vehicle accidents in the region? Hint: It’s not alcohol | New

According to local law enforcement officials, the majority of vehicle accidents happen in the morning as people are on their way to work, during lunch hour and during late afternoon rush hour. .

Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King said the two most common causes of vehicle accidents relate to following too closely and not yielding.

“Distracted driving comes down to the next too close. Sometimes the radio goes off, you’re on your phone, or in a hurry,” he said.

Surprisingly, those who evade officers or drive under the influence generally don’t crash as often as those who are inattentive behind the wheel.

“It happens sometimes, but our daytime crashes – which is when we have the majority of our crashes – will usually be a non-drunk driver, and it will be someone following too closely,” King said. .

Cherokee County Sheriff Jason Chennault said the deputy’s responsibility for vehicular accidents is first and foremost to respond.

“We usually get there and secure the scene as best we can, and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and fire department do all the heavy lifting. If we’re doing anything, it’s traffic control,” a Chennault said.

State Farm agent Mark Hodson said insurance rates will be affected for the person at fault in an accident.

“How much may depend on if there is a reduction without an accident. They will lose that reduction and it may vary. Or if they have multiple accidents, the more accidents you have the higher the rate may be,” he said. he declares.

Some insurance companies may choose not to renew coverage for people involved in multiple accidents. Hodson said these companies can also refuse to renew anyone’s insurance, depending on the type of accident.

“Most companies will not renew a policy if they have what they consider to be too many claims, or they may need to upgrade to a higher risk policy, and these are generally more expensive,” a- he declared.

By law, every driver is required to have liability insurance, but comprehensive and collision coverage protects their own vehicle in the event of an accident.

According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, fatal crashes are fewer this month than they were in July 2021.

A total of 353 fatal accidents were reported in 2021, while there have been 272 so far in 2022.