Alcohol farm

Western New York Energy launches high-purity alcohol

MEDINA, NY– Western New York Energy (WNYE) has completed a $38 million expansion to produce high-purity alcohol products under the ClearSource brand. The 6,000 square foot expansion will allow WNYE to produce 15 million gallons of liquor annually. “While supplying alcohol for sanitizer during the pandemic, we made the decision to invest in a world-class distillation system to deliver products that contain virtually no impurities,” CEO Tim Winters said. This advanced technology ensures that New York’s largest ethanol plant can sustainably meet unique customer specifications. “Our method of producing the highest purity ethanol and alcohol is a zero-waste process that helps our customers meet their commitments to sustainable practices,” Winters added.

The ClearSource brand includes pharmaceutical, industrial and beverage-grade alcohols using corn from the New York farm and a natural fermentation process. The company sources corn locally and produces everything locally to reduce shipping and transportation emissions. Winters said ClearSource is an extension of the commitment WNYE made 15 years ago to support local agriculture and the regional economy: “We buy 20 million bushels of corn every year. We take our commitment to New York growers seriously and are proud to partner with them each year to produce clean, national products.

“The New York Corn & Soybean Growers Association is celebrating the launch of Western New York Energy’s ClearSource High Purity Alcohol. WNYE has been a trusted partner of our growers for years. When the pandemic hit hard in 2020, WNYE management was among the first to act in pivotal operations to provide hand sanitizer across the country in times of dire need. It’s no surprise that they have continued to invest and diversify to ensure a strong corn market in New York for years to come,” said Colleen Klein, executive director of the New York Corn & Soybean Growers Association. .

WNYE will work with its ethanol distributor, Eco-Energy, to supply ClearSource products for pharmaceutical and industrial use. “The quality of ClearSource speaks for itself. It can be used as an ingredient in the preparation of food and beverages or as an extract for flavors, fragrances and food supplements. Manufacturers of HI&I products, industrial formulations and blenders will be able to count on ClearSource’s composition to be absolutely consistent year after year,” said Derrick Rawson, Industrial Alcohol Sales Manager at Eco-Energy.

The brand’s manufacturing process produces 200 degree grain neutral spirits (GNS), organic and gluten free. “ClearSource is the purest ethanol alcohol product commercially available,” said Sean Rich, director of ClearSource Beverage.