Alcohol farm

Weird! Rooster addicted to alcohol who drinks alcohol worth Rs 2,000 every month

A Maharashtra rooster is so addicted to alcohol that he refuses to eat or drink anything unless he gets his daily dose of alcohol.

In the village of Pipari in Bhandara district, Bhau Katore, who has never touched alcohol in his life, finds himself in a strange dilemma when he goes to buy alcohol for his rooster. What started as an attempt to treat the bird a few months ago turned into an addiction for the poor poultry. A poultry farmer, Katore acted on the suggestion of a villager a few months ago who said getting the rooster to drink local mohful alcohol would make him healthy. At the time, the bird refused to eat or drink anything and Katore was out of breath.

One fine day, he made the rooster drink mohful. The bird began to get better, its cock-a-doodle-doos echoing throughout the farm full of hens. The only problem was that the rooster took on a certain taste for the drink. Although it didn’t eat or drink anything before Katore introduced the mohful, the bird only ate and drank nothing if it got its obligatory dose of local liquor now. Many times local alcohol was not available, prompting Katore to buy foreign brands to satisfy the rooster.

“The rooster is not ready to drink water without drinking alcohol. I have to spend Rs 2,000 per month on alcohol,” Katore said when talking about the poultry “drinking problem”. Efforts are underway to “cure” the rooster. Vets have told Katore that if he wants the rooster to get rid of alcohol, he should start giving him vitamin tablets that smell of alcohol. veterinarians say the rooster should not be served with “clean” ankles and instead should gradually reduce the amount of alcohol to get the bird completely sober.