Alcohol consumption

Vail changes drinking zones

The village of Vail is teeming with people enjoying the closing day festivities on April 17th in Vail. The outdoor common consumption zones located in Vail Village, which had been in place since June 23, 2020, have been removed.
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With COVID-19 restrictions lifted and restaurants and bars now allowed to operate at full capacity, the Town of Vail Clerk’s Office is advising licensed establishments of immediate changes related to the sale and consumption of alcohol to comply recently enacted state laws.

As of Thursday, the outdoor common consumption zones located in Vail Village, which were in place since June 23, 2020, will be removed. As the Colorado legislature concludes its session this week, it has become clear that it will not be enforcing exemptions that allow common consumption areas to overlap areas that allow car travel (as is the case in Vail Town).

Lionshead Village does not encompass the right-of-way for car travel and will therefore remain a common consumption area until at least October 31. Responsible public consumption of alcohol may continue in parks throughout the city of Vail.

Floating outer bars cease

Floating bars, which were previously allowed due to public health orders that restricted indoor seating, are no longer allowed as of Thursday. With all public gathering orders now lifted by the state and county, the outdoor bars will not be extended this summer.

Modified patios on the city right-of-way can continue to be used for outdoor seating and liquor service. Customers will need to enter the authorized room to purchase take-out alcohol.

Expanded modified patios

Following a decree from the Director General that came into effect on June 23, 2020, all outdoor terraces that had previously been authorized on the city’s right-of-way during the public health crisis will continue to be authorized until October 31. . An application process is available through the city’s community development department for establishments to request a permanent patio setup.

Take-out and alcohol delivery continue

Restaurant and bar patrons will continue to be permitted to take out takeout alcohol at any licensed establishment in Vail. This follows the state legislature’s approval of a bill that extends pandemic recovery action by five years.

License holders must adhere to the requirements for affixing labels and closed / sealed lids to mugs when a customer leaves the licensed establishment. Customers will be advised that take-out alcohol cannot be opened and consumed until the person has reached their destination, such as their home, hotel, or public park.

In the case of Lionshead Village, where common drinking areas will continue to exist, customers can leave a restaurant with alcohol and consume in that area. However, there will be no more outdoor places in Vail Village to walk or sit with an open can of alcohol.

City Manager Scott Robson said: “While there will be changes within the Village of Vail when it comes to public consumption, the town is delighted to continue to offer expanded alfresco dining on village terraces. , as well as musical activations which will contribute to the vibrant atmosphere in the villages which were enjoyed last year.

Robson noted that the town is happy to see the continuation of the “take out” alcohol and common drinking area at Lionshead Village.

For details, contact the City of Vail Clerk’s Office at 970-479-2136.