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Twitch changes the types of usernames it accepts

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Latest Update to Twitch’s Harassment, Hate Speech, and Offensive Behavior Policy Focuses on own usernames that are used on the platform.

Username limits are explained in Twitch’s main guide to its new policy against offensive behavior

This is an update that is part of the platform’s concern to stop behaviors related to this type of behavior, which has even led it to examine the behavior of its users outside the platform itself.

And it is that from now on it will not be admitted that the username itself contains offensive terms or incite hatred. This includes all kinds of comments that may be discriminatory or offensive to all kinds of minorities or groups. The rules for this purpose are included in a guide established by Twitch with which it intends to carry out the development of an inclusive and diverse global community and positive.

In addition to hate speech, the content that Twitch will not allow will be that related to threats of violence, information identifying private aspects of users, references to sexual acts, parties, or fluids, as well as references to hard drugs, which leaves out alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.

In the event that an existing username does not clearly and unequivocally comply with these rules, a penalty will be applied. indefinite suspension. In case the violation of these policies is not so clear, the account will be blocked and marked for reset. If a user tries to create an account with a new username that violates this policy, Twitch has a smart learning algorithm that can prevent such accounts from being created.

These new Twitch username policies will go into effect on March 1, so users have until that date to change their name if they violate the guidelines.