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Tokyo has boss fights and around 10 different enemy types

Game Rant talks to the developers of Ghostwire: Tokyo about the game’s boss fights, enemies, and other characters players will encounter.

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Tango Gameworks and Bethesda recently confirmed the Ghostwire: Tokyo the release date is March 25, which means fans only have to wait a little over a month to finally get their hands on the game. In anticipation of the game’s release date, a few new things Ghostwire: Tokyo Gameplay footage was shown, showing the protagonist Akito battling with creepy and hostile spirits called Visitors. The gameplay footage shown so far hasn’t revealed all enemy types, but it looks like Ghostwire: Tokyo players can expect some variety.


Game Rant recently spoke with the studio head of Tango Gameworks and Ghostwire: Tokyo Executive Producer Shinji Mikami, Director Kenji Kimura, and Producer Masato Kimura on the game’s enemy types. Ghostwire: Tokyo The gameplay shown so far has mainly focused on umbrella-wielding enemies and headless schoolgirls chasing the player, but there will be around 10 different types of enemies that players will encounter in the game.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo Director Kenji Kimura explained that the game’s enemies are based on the fears people have at different stages of their lives. Each of about 10 Ghostwire: Tokyo enemy types will also have variations that players will encounter, and there will also be boss fights. “There are about four or five boss fights,” Kimura explained. Kimura did not provide specific details about what Ghostwire: Tokyo boss fights would be like beyond the fact that they are “located in a special way unique to ghost yarn.”

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Ghostwire: Tokyo Executive producer Shinji Mikami went on to point out that the game will also have non-enemies that players will encounter. “There are Japanese Yokai characters that you don’t actually fight against, but scour the map to find, look at, and collect. There are about 10 of them too. They’re not just enemy characters,” Mikami explained. .

Ghostwire: Tokyo Producer Masato Kimura added that some of these non-enemy characters will even come in handy when it comes to completing player objectives in the game. Beyond that, players will even be able to pet some of them. “They’re here to be cute,” Kimura said.

Between the Ghostwire: Tokyo enemies players encounter and allies they encounter, there should be a lot of interesting characters in the game. Some of them Ghostwire: Tokyo characters will have side missions for Akito to complete, while others can play a more direct role in the main narrative. Fans will have to wait for the Ghostwire: Tokyo the release date will roll out next month to see how it all goes.

Ghostwire: Tokyo launches March 25 for PC and PS5.

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