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This Low Alcoholic Wine May Help You Familiarize With The 2022 Resolutions

If you are watching what you eat in the New Year, remember to be careful what you drink as well. Because adult drinks don’t have nutrition labels, it’s easier said than done.

Fortunately, there is one piece of information on the label of any wine that can help you count its calories: the alcohol content. As long as you’re drinking dry styles of wine, you can just use the alcohol content to do a quick math on the back of the napkin. In a standard five-ounce glass, each percentage point of alcohol will contribute about 10 calories. (Sweeter wines will add a few more calories in total, but rarely more than 25% of the alcohol share.)

This delicate Pinot Grigio only has 80 calories per glass, a third less than the norm, because it contains only 8% alcohol, where many Californian wines can reach on average 14%. There is a compromise, of course.

Wines with a low alcohol content may have a lower flavor intensity, as the main way to reduce the alcohol content is to pick the grapes early, before they are fully ripe. This means that richer wine styles that need full maturity for flavor and weight, like most reds and heavier whites like chardonnay, can have an underdeveloped taste when they are. locally developed. Lighter styles generally fare much better, such as pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc, rosés and sparkling wines. Since the standard versions of these styles are made from grapes harvested early, there is much less flavor sacrifice when choosing a low alcohol option.

The subtle flavors of lemon, white peach and green apple in this wine can be sweeter than that of a standard California pinot grigio. But they’re still satisfying and healthy, providing a balanced reflection of their grapes in a garden-fresh way.

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