Alcohol consumption

There is no safe level of alcohol consumption

Dear Editor,

On May 20 of this year, CNN reported on a groundbreaking study on alcohol and its effects on the brain. According to the report, there is no safe level of alcohol consumption. The Oxford study also indicates that alcohol consumption also reduces brain gray matter and that increased consumption is associated with poorer brain health.

In the past, I have heard of the beneficial effects of a glass of wine on the longevity of life. This new report highlights that regardless of the type of alcohol, be it wine, beer or spirits (e.g. rum and vodka), the largest muscle in the body, known to be the brain , is reduced in size due to alcohol consumption. Our society is small, with many indiscretions currently affecting the peace and security of our citizens. This additional negative aspect of alcohol highlights the importance of responsible drinking, where appropriate. Many leaders in the alcoholic beverages market have launched a campaign to promote responsible drinking. Guyana has recently seen numerous incidents of drinking buddies killing each other while under the influence.

Given the empirical evidence from this new study that concludes that brain damage is caused by the consumption of even small amounts of alcohol, the government should seriously consider putting in place a limit on the sale of alcoholic beverages. Most societies have restrictions on the consumption and sale of alcohol in places such as rum shops and bars to prevent drunk driving. Guyana can adopt similar measures to help reduce accidents and violence due to overconsumption. It looks like we also need to embark on a marketing campaign similar to that of the tobacco industry, where the harm it does to your physical health is clearly stated on the product. To date, neurodegenerative diseases have no cure, so every precaution should be taken. As many in the liquor industry say “Please drink responsibly”


jamil changlee


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