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The truth about alcohol safe for salmon

Salmon-Safe certifications are available for more than wineries. Hopworks Urban Brewery in Oregon became the first brewery in the country to join salmon conservation efforts and achieve certification in 2015 (via Smithsonian Magazine). Christian Ettinger, the organisation’s founder and brewmaster, shared: “Brewers are intensive users of resources, especially water… so it’s important for us to understand what it means to use these things. and then do something.” Followers have noted that the bypasses leading the way in brewery-heavy Oregon with this standard can have an even stronger impact on the industry as a whole.

And while wineries and breweries may have started this conservation movement, more and more producers are jumping on this pro-salmon bandwagon. Jason Parker, President of Whiskey Distillers Copperworks Whiskey, explains that conservation is key to their brand: “It’s the kind of thing we want to open our distillery with focusing on improving soil vitality, the quality of farms, the reward of small-scale farming, and reducing the carbon footprint of having to ship grain around the world,” (via NWPB).

Beyond just water use, local farms can also affect water quality in their areas with excessive runoff and fertilizers, which is where a new commitment to sustainability is important. At its heart, says Kevin Scribner of Salmon-Safe, “Salmon-Safe is all about water quality.”