Alcohol consumption

The link between alcohol consumption and cancer, and what people can do to reduce their risk

Researchers are finding stronger links between alcohol consumption and cancer. We’ll discuss emerging evidence that alcohol is a direct cause of at least seven types of cancer, but surveys show the public is unaware of the risks. We’ll also learn about public health efforts in Maine that offer support for those trying to cut down on alcohol consumption.

David Berriganbiologist, behavioral research program, Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences, National Cancer Institute
Megan Scott, Alcohol Prevention and Control Program, Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention
Caroline Bancroft, director, Maine Cancer Registry

VIP callers: Dr. Noah NesinPrimary Care Innovation Advisor, Penobscot Community Health Care; Consultative Committee, Time To Ask, an alcohol education program from Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance of Maine
Shawn YardleyCEO of Community concepts, providing social services; advisory board for Lunder-Dineen’s Time to Ask program; person recovering

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