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The EVERY Co. Enters the $260 Billion Alcoholic Beverage Market with the Launch of the World’s First Protein-Enriched Hard Juice, Fueling New Pulp Culture+ Product Line

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The EVERY Company, the visionary precision fermentation platform and creator of the world’s first animal-free pepsin and egg protein, today announced its entry into the alcoholic beverage business, bringing innovation, unique versatility and performance in the $260 billion bev-alc market. The launch further validates the alternative protein leader’s ability to bring animal-free ingredients to market and closely follows a major scaling milestone achieved in partnership with ZX Ventures’ BioBrew, the global investment and innovation group of ZX Ventures. ‘AB InBev.

Introducing this world’s first super drink shines a light on the revolutionary, “almost invisible” EVERY proteinMT— commercially introduced in 2021 after seven years of extensive R&D — providing consumers with an unprecedented protein experience in beverages. The new category will be ushered in by innovation partner Pulp Culture, which is expanding its bev-alc offerings with the new Pulp Culture+ product line focused on ultra-functional products powered by EVERY protein.

“With our growing animal protein portfolio, we have demonstrated our versatility in a range of applications, including cold pressed juices, baked goods such as macarons, and now the world’s first protein-enriched hard juice” , said Arturo Elizondo, CEO. and co-founder of EVERY. “This launch proves once again the ability of EVERY Protein to unlock unprecedented innovations. It’s exciting to continue to unveil new categories for food and beverage brands that meet the expectations of today’s consumers.

BUILD by Pulp Culture+ is the world’s first protein-enriched hard juice, a hyper-functional Full SpectrumMT drink fortified with beneficial probiotics, adaptogens, source-verified super fruits and superfoods and ALL animal-free protein. Until now, adding protein has been beyond the reach of Pulp Culture formulators, who previously struggled to identify a protein with the solubility, texture and neutral taste profile suitable for their premium live culture beverages. range.

EVERY Protein’s superior performance among major soluble proteins finally unlocked this Pulp Culture super drink, which required no masking agents, sugar or other unnecessary additives to create its first protein-enriched hard juice. The launch heralds a new chapter for the brand, which provides for a nationwide retail launch for the new line.

“In EVERY, we found a partner who understood our needs and shared our vision for creating products the world had never seen before,” said Pulp Culture co-founders Mark McTavish and Brendan Brazier. “Our consumers have great demands, and we’re adapting to deliver better-than-ever options to meet their needs. EVERY isn’t just powering the world’s first super drink: they’re powering the future of better bev-al .

EVERY’s entry into the burgeoning world of best-in-class beverages follows a milestone in the production of its EVERY protein, achieved in partnership with AB InBev’s BioBrew. EVERY and BioBrew operationalized their partnership in 2021, and August of this year saw the first major step towards large-scale fermentation through the strategic alliance. This milestone is an indicator of EVERY’s mission to democratize protein delivery.

“From day one, we set out to do two things: 1) make animal protein available to everyone, everywhere, and 2) do it in a way that captures people’s imaginations and taste buds with new types foods the world has never seen,” Elizondo said. “These latest commercial and scaling achievements are proof that we are making great strides on this journey.”

The Pulp X EVERY super drink is now available online for domestic audiences, with a retail rollout to follow. Learn more about the collaboration at, shop at, and join the conversation online with the hashtag #PulpXEVERY.


The EVERY Co. (formerly Clara Foods) exists to accelerate the global transition to animal-free protein. Based in South San Francisco, EVERY combines cutting-edge expertise in science, food technology and flavor to enable the foods of tomorrow, today, for the global food and beverage industries.

Led by Co-Founder and CEO Arturo Elizondo, EVERY uses precision fermentation to brew nature-equivalent animal proteins that taste and perform like the originals. The company’s portfolio includes EVERY PepsinMT and the world’s first “almost invisible” animal-free proteins – EVERY proteinMT and EACH egg whiteMT— with more innovations to come. EVERY is ramping up production in partnership with AB InBev’s BioBrew, the world’s largest fermentation company, while continuing to chart the course for a more resilient and transformative future. Dive into the latest collaboration at and engage on Instagram and LinkedIn.

EVERY is a registered trademark of The EVERY Company.