Alcohol formula

Taxes on tobacco, vehicles, alcohol will not be

Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Ississ on Monday announced the reduction and unification of tariffs on goods, noting that the decision will help reduce administrative discretion and have a positive impact on the private sector and the economy in general. .

Ississ stressed during a press conference held at the Ministry of Finance that “this decision comes first of all in the interest of Jordanian citizens, by strengthening their purchasing power, in addition to revitalizing the trade and tourism sectors. “.

He pointed out that the decision to replace the tariff excludes imported goods such as tobacco, vehicles and alcohol.

Ississ also indicated that this decision helps reduce administrative discretion.

He asserted that reducing the cost of engaging customs to come closer to the costs of tax fraud and evasion would lead to curb smuggling and regulate the market.

The finance ministry also decided to cancel the manufacturing equation in order to reduce the administrative burden on Jordanian industry, according to Ississ.

Under the new tariff, all materials except those produced by Jordanian industry in engineering and construction, furniture, food industries and certain other industries will be subject to both categories (zero percent) and (five percent) only.

He also indicated that the other sectors mentioned above, the customs tariff will fall under four categories, namely: (15 percent) and (25 percent) and during the first three years of the implementation of the decision, the highest category will drop from (25 percent) to (20 percent) for two years after that. The 20 percent category will drop to 15 percent in 2027.

Therefore, tariffs are subject to three categories as of January 1, 2027, namely: zero percent, five percent and 15 percent.