Alcohol consumption

Take a cold! Japan encourages alcohol consumption

Japanese authorities try to make young adults living in the country a bit more drunk. The move comes after Japanese authorities noticed that taxes on alcoholic beverages such as rice wine had dropped significantly.

Japan’s national tax agency has launched a nationwide competition to come up with ideas for reversing sober trends.

The “Sake Viva!” asks 20-39 year olds to share their business ideas for increasing demand among their peers for all kinds of alcoholic beverages, from beer to spirits. Ideas can include promotions, branding, and even artificial intelligence.

The deadline for submitting ideas for the promotion is September 30. The best plans will then be developed and presented in November.

What Sobered Japan?

“The group running the competition for the tax authorities say new habits – partly formed during the Covid pandemic – and an aging population have led to a drop in alcohol sales,” the BBC reported.

According to the campaign website, Japan’s alcohol market shrinks due to aging population and declining birth rate.

Drinking – badly, not drinking – also badly

Recent figures from the Japanese tax authority show that the average Japanese drank 75 liters of different types of alcohol in 2020, up from 100 liters in 1995.

Tax revenue from alcohol sales has also declined over the years. In 1980, the alcohol tax was 5% of total tax revenue, in turn, in 2020 it was only 1.7%.

The World Bank estimates that almost a third (29%) of Japan’s population is aged 65 and over, making it the wisest population in the world.

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