Alcohol consumption

Simple method to help reduce alcohol consumption

The study tracked the consumption of 260 UK households with an average consumption of at least two bottles of wine 750ml per week, Over two 14-day intervention periods, participants were asked to purchase a predetermined amount of alcohol in wine bottles to drink at home. 750ml or 375mlin random order.

The researchers also provided them with smaller vessels. (290 ml) or more (350 ml) for drinkingThe amount of alcohol consumed at the end of each 14-day intervention period was measured using photographs of purchased bottles, which were weighed on scales provided by the scientists.

Experience has shown that using smaller glasses reduces the alcohol content by around 6.5% (253ml per fortnight). “However, there is some uncertainty about this effect”, experts quoted in their research. However, they confirmed that drinking smaller bottles led to reduced alcohol consumption.

Research makes sense, especially in the UK, The country that dominates alcohol consumption in EuropeAnd most of it is consumed in homes and not in bars, restaurants or pubs. Previous studies have already warned that the use of larger glasses increases the amount of wine sold in restaurants and that the size of wine glasses in general has increased significantly over the past three decades.,

If the experts manage to dig deeper into their research and show that the effect of wine glass size on consumption is reliable, with a continuous effect over time, Reducing the size of drinking vessels used in households can contribute to alcohol reduction policies,

“With this move comes a growing demand for smaller cups and the possibility of regulating cup sizes in bars, restaurants and other licensed establishments to help change social norms by pricing cups in accordance with a acceptable cup size.” Can be trained. And inside,” he said. Eleni Mantzari, expert at the University of Cambridge and lead author of the paper,

In particular, smaller wine bottles can reduce both volume and rate of consumption, as found in a recent randomized crossover trial in which households ate with 500ml bottles versus 750ml bottles. ml. Consumed 4.5% less alcohol at home.

“Although this study was not designed to estimate the differences in consumption with different bottle sizes – explained the expert – it suggests that the quantities contained in 375 ml bottles can sometimes be considered too low. especially bottles, since 750ml has become the standard size for wines internationally, allowing multiple bottles to be consumed per drinking occasion.,

However, experts suggest in this research that “The size of a wine glass used with bottles of different sizes can increase or decrease any effect of bottle size”,