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Sec January 2022: Try these delicious beers, wines, non-alcoholic and low-ABV beers …

30 December 2021, 19:29

From spirits to beer, these low-alcohol or non-alcoholic options will make Dry Jan a treat.

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There are more low-alcohol or non-alcoholic options than ever before, which means taking a break from alcohol or living a totally sober lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean having a pint of lemonade in the pub. .

Alcohol-free spirits

Some of the UK's best distilleries have gone low and no

Some of the UK’s best distilleries have gone low and no.

Image: Heart

One of the best-selling alcohol-free brands in the UK, Everleaf was originally launched with Forest and then introduced Mountain and Marine in November 2020.

Everleaf’s products are rooted in different parts of the natural world, which serve as both inspiration for flavor profiles and sources for major herbal remedies.

Wildjac’s new Botanical Spirit 0% alcohol is the perfect alternative to gin for Dry January.

It has crisp, tangy citrus notes balanced with refreshing cucumber and herbal undertones with rosemary, sage, lemon thyme and delicate chamomile.

Dorset’s first gin distillery, Conker Spirit has launched its own premium non-alcoholic distilled spirit called Bowser Leaf.

It is made with mint, tarragon, patchouli, thyme and basil, and is delicious served over ice with tonic. It is also completely sugar free and contains 0 calories.

Original FLUERE

These bottles will look great on your cocktail cart

These bottles will look great on your cocktail cart.


FLUÈRE is a luxurious drink for anyone who wants to live a more conscious life without compromising on taste.

Each of their brightly colored liquids contains a balanced floral blend of medicinal plants produced by steam distillation to carefully extract the oils and natural flavors from fruits, herbs and spices.

The line includes FLUÈRE Original, Raspberry, Smoked Agave and Spiced Cane, and as they recently launched smaller 275ml bottles there are plenty of opportunities to try them all!

  • £ 20 for 700 ml or £ 10 for 275 ml, Ocado

Spirits from the Botanical Garden 0% Warner’s

There are 53 ingredients in each bottle!

There are 53 ingredients in each bottle!

Image: Warner’s

Warner’s 0% Botanic Garden Spirits comes in two flavors – Juniper Double Dry and Pink Berry.

Juniper Double Dry is made with farm-grown ingredients: lemon thyme, lemon verbena, and water drawn from the Warner Farm spring.

The alcohol has a spicy base, a touch of herbs, a hint of citrus and a peppery finish.

The 0% Pink Berry recipe was a real labor of love, and after experimenting with 53 different flavors, it’s a delicious alcohol-free alternative to a fruity or pink gin: fragrant and tangy, combining raspberries and blackcurrant sage with a touch of chilli, ginger and Sichuan pepper.

Flagship drinks

These rich Cornish spirits are incredibly tasty

These rich Cornish spirits are incredibly tasty.

Image: High point

The Cornish High Point Distillery has created alcohol-free appetizers and digestives perfect for serving designated drivers and non-drinkers at dinner parties.

High Point Ruby is a very vibrant and versatile fermented appetizer and is also wonderful served as a spritz with tonic water and lots of ice.

It is a bittersweet citrus appetizer made with hibiscus, lavender, wormwood, pink pepper, orange zest and pink grapefruit zest.

For the other end of your meal, High Point Amber is a deeply smoky fermented digestif made with lasag, ginger, cloves, vanilla, cocoa nibs and gentian root.

It’s cold smoked and aged for a week after mixing and is best enjoyed with ginger ale or neat over ice with an orange slice to garnish.

Tuscan tree

A sip of a Tuscan tree might make you think you

A sip of a Tuscan tree might make you think you are on the Italian Riviera …

Image: Tuscan tree

Tuscan Tree is a non-alcoholic aperitif inspired by the orange groves of northwest Italy and Italian “aperitif time” culture.

0% ABV Distilled Alcohol is infused with real blood orange juice and Italian sparkling wine, along with a complex blend of alcohol-free botanical distillates – enjoy served over plenty of ice with soda or tonic, or used as the base for an alcoholic Negroni.

Alcohol-free wines

These magnificent wines go very well with food

These magnificent wines go very well with food.

Image: Oddbird

Oddbird offers three premium alcohol-free sparkling wines, ideal for adding a little alcohol-free sparkle in January (or for baby showers!)

The range includes a Blanc de Blancs and Sparkling Wines from France and a Spumante from Italy, which are produced using traditional methods and then “free from alcohol” through a unique and patented vacuum distillation method.

RTD alcohol-free cocktails and more

Basket for Conscious Drinkers

This basket is full of non-alcoholic drinks to try during Dry Jan

This basket is filled with non-alcoholic drinks to try during Dry Jan.

Image: The cocktail company

If you go with Dry Jan, then this deluxe basket of mocktails and beer (and snacks!) Will keep you occupied.

It contains:

  • 2 x Fungtn alcohol-free beer
  • 2 x Humble Warrior sparkling vegetable drinks
  • 1 x Lucky Saint alcohol-free beer
  • 1 x Dalston Alcohol Free G&T Rhubarb
  • 1 x Willys Ginger Kombucha beer
  • 1 x Flora-No-Dora Mocktail with Warners Pink Berry
  • The Cocktail Company, £ 39
This vibrant ready-to-drink cocktail will brighten up dark January evenings

This vibrant ready-to-drink cocktail will brighten up dark January evenings.

Photo: Thomas Tipple

Thomas Tipple’s Teetotal is a beautifully crafted slim, alcohol-free cocktail in a can.

It has a fresh citrus nose with notes of grapefruit and tangerine, which evolves into an aromatic taste punctuated by crisp and crisp white wine notes.

Alcohol-free cocktails

Each of the four flavors was created to be enjoyed in beautiful chilled glassware

Each of the four flavors was created to be enjoyed in beautiful chilled glassware.

Image: Alcohol-free cocktails

Mocktais are perfectly balanced premium non-alcoholic cocktails that provide a drink experience as opposed to a simple alternative to alcohol.

They’re designed to be served with as much care as a classic cocktail, shaken with ice, in proper glassware, and their four flavors wouldn’t be out of place in some of the world’s fanciest bars …

  • Mockapolitan: their take on the cosmopolitan
  • Mockarita: like a margarita, with the best ingredients, spices and plants from around the world
  • Sansgria: A subtle, sophisticated and not too sweet version of sangria that will transport you directly to Seville
  • Mockscow Mule: Lemons from Sicily and Argentina help create this subtle, refreshing and surprisingly sophisticated version of the Moscow mule

Beer and cider

These brilliant beers and ciders taste like their alcoholic counterparts

These brilliant beers and ciders taste the same as their alcoholic counterparts.

Image: Heart

Lazer Crush is the alcohol-free IPA from the Beavertown Brewery and has been expertly brewed with a new type of yeast to provide its delicious fruity flavor, with just 0.3% blood alcohol created during fermentation.

Smashed creates a unique, crunchy and lightly carbonated cider that delivers pure refreshment with the perfect balance of spiciness, sweetness and bite.

It’s a golden, slightly opaque sparkling liquid with a fresh and inviting aroma of English apples – and alcohol-free.

Lucky Saint is brewed the same way as Bavarian lager and unfiltered to retain the full body character and flavor of regular beer.

Noughty Bear 0.5% IPA

It is the newest beer from Britain's oldest brewery

It is the newest beer from Britain’s oldest brewery.

Photo: Shepherd Neame

Britain’s oldest brewer Shepherd Neame launched its first low-alcohol ale in 2021, and it’s a light and refreshing golden ale, combining the pine and spice notes of the UK’s Challenger hop, with the Tropical fruit and citrus flavors of Amarillo, Cascade and Citra hops from the United States.

Noughty Bear has 70 calories and less than 1g of sugar per 330ml bottle, making it the lightest choice in every way.


Try four of Big Drop's beloved beers

Try four of Big Drop’s beloved beers.

Image: Big drop

THE BIG HELLO BOX is an 8-pack box that contains four of Big Drop’s most popular alcohol-free beers.

The box contains two each of Big Drop’s four award-winning 0.5% ABV beers, including the ever-popular Paradiso IPA, as well as Pine Trail pale ale, galactic milk stout and Uptime craft lager.


Lownlander's full range of 0% botanical beers

The complete line of 0% botanical beers from Lownlander.

Image: Basse-Terre

Lowlander is a range of unique low-alcohol, non-alcoholic beers brewed with plants in the Netherlands, and its new canned beers include 0% Wit beer, 0.3% IPA brewed with mango. , cardamom and orange zest and a clean, 4% hoppy Pilsner. , Cool Earth Lager.

  • Lowlander 0% Wit Beer List price: £ 3.30 for 330ml. ABV: 0.0%
  • 0.3% IPA RRP: £ 1.50 for 330ml. ABV: 0.3%
  • Cool Earth Lager List price: £ 2.00 for 330ml. ABV: 4.0%
  • Available at Wise Bartender

Low in alcohol

Temperance of the Portobello Road Distillery

This low ABV alcohol has all the same botanicals as the standard rum from the distillery

This low ABV alcohol contains the same herbs as the standard rum from the distillery.

Photo: Portobello Road Distillery

Temperance is the award-winning alternative to ultra-low ABV gin from Portobello Road Distillery.

It only represents 0.8% BAC when a double scoop is mixed with 200ml tonic and is a great choice for gin lovers looking to moderate their alcohol intake.

It’s distilled using the same nine herbs that make up Portobello Road Gin’s signature London Dry; juniper berries and iris from Tuscany, lemon peel from Spain, bitter orange peel from Haiti and Morocco, nutmeg from Indonesia and cassia peel from Southeast Asia, as well as a handful additional ingredients.

It’s delicious mixed with tonic and a wedge of pink grapefruit or used as an alternative to gin in your favorite cocktail.