Alcohol consumption

Red Stripe to Host Responsible Drinking Forum

As we approach the traditionally high drinking period of the holiday season, Red Stripe and the Desnoes & Geddes Foundation (D&G) will host Responsible Living Now, a virtual responsible drinking knowledge forum on Friday, December 10.

Endorsed by Minister for Education, Youth and Information Fayval Williams, who will deliver the keynote address, the forum will include presentations from local and international experts and policy makers on the issue of abuse of alcohol.

“Last year, the Department of Education, Youth and Information partnered with Red Stripe and the D&G Foundation to focus on reducing consumption and access to alcohol among minors. This year, we are continuing that effort,” said Minister Williams. “We know that our teenagers take risks that are part of their growth and development. In light of recent data suggesting greater heavy drinking among a wider sample of Jamaicans who are over the legal drinking age, Red Stripe and the D&G Foundation have expanded the focus on raising awareness of the dangers of overconsumption.”

Among the industry leaders slated to share ideas and insights are Paula Fletcher, executive director of the National Highway Safety Council; Dane Barr, Head of Beer Advocacy for Global Public Policy at HEINEKEN; and New York-based Worldwide Brewers Alliance Chairman and CEO Justin Kissinger.

“We continue to work with the Department of Education and other advocates here and abroad to tackle alcohol abuse. The Knowledge Forum will maximize our impact by bringing together stakeholders who believe like us, that tackling alcohol misuse requires a whole-of-society approach,” said Dianne Ashton Smith, Corporate Affairs Manager, Red Stripe.

The forum is part of Red Stripe’s annual Enjoy Responsibly Day (ER Day) activities, held to advance the beer company’s commitment to encouraging legal drinkers to drink and live responsibly.

“As a society, we need to start by acknowledging the cultural issues and why people abuse alcohol. It starts with education and then realizing that it’s everyone’s fight – government, civil society, parents, retailers as well as manufacturers. We have access to a wealth of research and best practice from around the world, and much of it speaks to collaboration across sectors and stakeholders for sustainable solutions” , said Ashton Smith.

Emergency Day is strategically executed in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year, with a call to action for responsible living now.