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Pennsylvania Liquor Laws Give Local Makers a Huge Advantage

For years, consumers and industry veterans have complained that Pennsylvania laws regarding the sale and access to adult beverages are among the most restrictive in the nation. Unsurprisingly, if you go back in time 20 years, you’d find only two distilleries, 10 Pennsylvania breweries, and less than 70 Pennsylvania wineries. Fast forward to today, we find a totally different landscape. Pennsylvania is now home to more than 300 craft brewers, 142 distilleries and nearly 300 wineries. This development is largely due to the numerous changes made by the legislature to the Pennsylvania Liquor Code. Recognizing the need to boost Pennsylvania’s economic opportunity and agriculture, laws were enacted to support these Pennsylvania-based adult beverage makers who are now happily relocating to Pennsylvania.

Prior to these changes, large multinational and national adult beverage providers dominated Pennsylvania’s consumer landscape. Armed with huge sums of money for marketing and the ability to offer discounted prices to consumers, these large distillers, brewers and wineries accounted for more than 95% of the adult beverage market in Pennsylvania. The distribution, pricing and proximity to consumers advantages of these large suppliers made their position seemingly impregnable. Local suppliers of any of these three types of products were at a severe disadvantage and therefore the growth of local industries was hampered.