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OQ Chemicals expands production of TCD Alcohol DM

4. March 2022 | Markets & Companies

OQ Chemicals has implemented its announced capacity expansion for TCD Alcohol DM (Tricyclodecanedimethanol) at its site in Oberhausen, Germany, and has successfully commissioned the plant.

OQ Chemicals has significantly increased its global production capacity for TCD Alcohol DM.

Image source: Peggy_Marco – Pixabay (symbol image).

The new volume will gradually be available in the global market and OQ Chemicals has already started supplying customers and distributors with the products from the expanded plant.

“With the factory expansion, we are significantly increasing product availability and supply reliability for our customers. Our additional capacity will cover the expected growth of the global TCD Alcohol DM market for years to come. We have took advantage of the planned maintenance shutdown in the fourth quarter of 2021 to rebuild processing units and increase storage capacity,” said Patricia Morkramer, Global Marketing Director Amines & Higher Aldehydes / Specialty Derivatives at OQ Chemicals.

Exterior coatings

In exterior coatings, the function of TCD Alcohol DM as a copolymer provides hardness, scratch resistance and good adhesion to steel, aluminum and glass with low water absorption. For adhesives and coatings in electronics applications and materials for 3D printing, this leads to high resistance to temperature, aging and weathering, as well as mechanical stability and low vapor permeability. water. In optical materials, TCD Alcohol DM provides UV transmission, resistance to yellowing and high Abbé indices.

EC Library European Coatings Handbook


European Coatings Manual

“Comprehensive”, “practice-based” and “up-to-date” sum up the aims of the European Coatings Handbook compiled by the faculty team at Krefeld University of Applied Sciences, one of the leading training institutions for coatings industry in Germany. The second edition of the handbook covers the entire spectrum of coatings formulation in one volume and acts as a vehicle for gaining and deepening a solid understanding of all the important principles of coatings production. The manual’s timeliness in all aspects of coatings composition, application methodology, quality assurance, environment, and industrial health and safety is very useful, not only for people in training, but also for established professionals who wish to update their knowledge in depth.

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