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Non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy at Christmas

Christmas continues to be known as the season of goodwill and a time to celebrate by indulging in great food and drink.

It is difficult to determine the exact date on which Christmas was celebrated with alcohol.

Not everyone likes to drink alcohol. Some avoid it for various reasons such as health or a personal lifestyle choice.

However, it is now easier than ever to reduce alcohol consumption, with the emergence of brands offering an alternative to alcoholic drinks.

Food and beverage writer Laura Hadland said: “The market for low-alcohol, non-alcoholic beer has exploded with quality over the past few years. There never has been. better time to be a dry drinker, as breweries prioritize the flavor and mouthfeel of their alcohol. -free offers.

What is the difference between alcohol free, alcohol free and low in alcohol?

You may have seen brands marketed as “low alcohol”, “alcohol free” and “alcohol free”. But is there a big difference between these?

You might be surprised to learn that alcohol-free doesn’t necessarily mean alcohol-free.

NoLo covers non-alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks (less than 1.2%). The Department of Health and Social Affairs recommends that producers use these descriptors to categorize NoLo drinks.

  • Non-alcoholic beer: no more than 0.05% blood alcohol level when the alcohol has been extracted
  • Dealcoholized beer: not more than 0.5% alcohol in alcohol when the alcohol has been extracted
  • Low-alcohol beer: not more than 1.2% blood alcohol level
  • Alcoholic beer: contains more than 1.2% alcohol in alcohol

This means that non-alcoholic drinks in the UK may actually contain a very small amount of alcohol. Additionally, drinks imported from Europe and the United States may also be labeled as non-alcoholic while containing less than 0.5% blood alcohol content.

The NoLo drink market continues to grow steadily as people’s palates change. According to the leader Alcohol Change UK charity, almost half (42%) of adults have tried NoLo drinks. Beverage activity reports that this particular beverage market is expected to grow by over a third (34%) by 2024. These statistics indicate the booming NoLo beverage market, an industry seeing increased interest in the alcohol-free month of Dry January .

Tayēr + Elementary is an elegant bar that prepares cocktails in seconds thanks to an innovative draft system. It was recently crowned number two on the list of the best bars in the world and its drinks are also available for buy online. Speaking about the importance of soft drinks, Monica Berg, co-owner of Tayēr + Elementary, told us:

“We always give the same attention and care to our non-alcoholic drinks, because we want every guest to have a great experience.

“Alcohol – above all else – is a great flavor carrier, so when you take it out of the equation you have to take on the challenge of making tasty drinks without hitting the ‘usual suspects’ which are often sugar, citrus. , etc.

“We spend a lot of time experimenting with fermentations, extractions and other techniques – so that our soft drinks are as delicious and fulfilling as our other drinks.”

Here is a list of “tips” which includes low alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks

Beer and lager:



Spirits and mixers:

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