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Named: Three city stores lose their liquor licenses as police crack down on troublemakers

Three Hinckley stores have lost their liquor licenses following an ongoing police investigation into crime and anti-social behavior in the town, officers have confirmed.

Officers visited all three stores in September 2021 to execute warrants granted under Operation Impose, which targets crime in the area.

The raids resulted in the arrest of four people suspected of receiving stolen property. The suspects have all been released after questioning but remain under investigation, Leicestershire Police confirmed.

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The officers then informed Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council that they believed the licenses of the three premises needed to be reviewed.

A review hearing was held in November 2021 by the borough council, where the police presented their findings.

Officials determined that one establishment would have its liquor license revoked and another was to have its liquor license suspended for three months. The third store returned its license before the hearing.

The three stores affected were:

  • Rugby Road Wine Cellars, Rugby Road – The committee has decided to revoke the store’s liquor license in its entirety
  • ST Stores, Rugby Road – Authorities have suspended the premises’ liquor license until April 4 when it will be reviewed again
  • Derby Road Post Office, Derby Road – Business license holder surrendered liquor license ahead of license hearing

Derby Road Post Office and Rugby Road Wine Cellars will need to reapply for a license if they wish to resell alcohol

PC Sarah Francis-Lang said: “This decision was made by the council, following a recommendation from us following the enforcement action.

“No appeals have been made following the November review and the decisions made by the committee are in effect in the stores.

“We will take all reports of crime seriously.

“Having a liquor license is a privilege and something that is always under scrutiny.”

The arrests included a woman, 44, and two men, aged 56 and 53, and a 16-year-old girl, all of whom were arrested on suspicion of handing over stolen property.

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