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Morrisville convenience store may soon start selling alcohol

FALLS TOWNSHIP, PA — Another store in Falls Township may soon receive a liquor license.

Falls Township supervisors voted 3-1 to transfer Middletown Township’s intermunicipal liquor license to the Country Farm convenience store in the Shoppes of Makefield Village at their Monday meeting. Supervisor Erin Mullen cast the only negative vote, while Supervisor Jeff Boraski was absent from the vote.

Located at 91 Makefield Road, the convenience store has been operating in the Bucks County area for 20 years. With the potential transfer of the liquor license, the store could sell beer and wine, according to attorney Dave Berger.

If the restaurant’s liquor license is approved by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, the store could sell liquor as a carry-out retailer.

In addition to pending approvals from the review board, another aspect of the liquor license includes the requirement for the licensee to permit the consumption of alcohol on-site, just like other food outlets and similar stores have done so in the Bucks County area for the past several years.

Supervisor Mullen and a local resident expressed concern that the store would become a place where customers could consume alcohol on the premises, while Berger argued that consumption would be limited to one drink per customer. He said liquor sales ensure the convenience store “won’t lose out to the grocery store.”

“It’s kind of a survival type thing,” Berger said.

A designated liquor register would be added to the store and liquor sales would be limited to 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday. Liquor coolers would be locked during times when liquor sales are not permitted, according to Berger.