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Mocktails, sesame milk and other food trends

There’s nothing more comforting than a bag of crisps. But why snack on corn or potatoes when you could get something crunchy that’s satisfying and better for you?

The crispy mushrooms were having fun at the show.

Rhythm introduced its Sea Salt and Fire Grilled Mushroom Crisps, made with brown and white button mushrooms. They have that rich umami flavor, but don’t taste too earthy.

Popadelics aren’t exactly french fries – they’re small, whole, crunchy shiitake mushrooms that come in flavors that, while not psychedelic, will blow your mind, like Trippin’ Truffle (vegan) Parm and Twisted Thai Chili.

• My colleague Lisa Ruiz tried Mush Garden’s shitake mushrooms and said they were “shown off by their crispy, flavorful, umami goodness.”

Many companies have turned other vegetables into tasty treats.

Root tomato chips are sea salt dehydrated tomatoes that taste like a whiff of summer. They’re packed with fiber (5 grams in an ounce) and contain only 15 mg of sodium.

• Eating your carrots and beets in crisp form also seems to concentrate the sweetness of the vegetables and Rhythm Organic Carrot Sticks and Beet Crisps have been intensely flavored. An ounce of either contains about 75 calories and about 150 mg of sodium. Carrots contain about 6 grams of fiber, while beets contain 4 grams.

• Carrots have also played a leading role in bark Slices of Carrot Cheese, which are made with mashed carrots. I had this vegan cheese in a quesadilla, and it was so gooey and cheesy I could swear it was mild dairy cheddar.

• Heat Farm fresh roots Organic Sweet Potato Croutons (sold frozen) and you have a crispy outside, soft and sweet inside snack that’s better than any tater tot. They will go well on a salad, or as a small snack with cocktails before dinner. Two-thirds of a cup has 130 calories, just 100 mg of sodium and 4 grams of fiber.