Alcohol types

Manitoba grocers may soon be able to sell more types of alcohol

The Manitoba provincial government has introduced new legislation that will allow the province to launch a five-year pilot program that will expand liquor sales to more businesses, such as grocery stores. The new bill, introduced by the government on May 26, would also give existing liquor, beer and wine shops the option of applying for new licenses, allowing those retailers to sell any type of alcohol sold by the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation.

The changes would align private stores with government-run outlets that carry all types of alcoholic products.

Scott Fielding, the minister responsible for liquor and lotteries, said in a Canadian Press article that the new bill “will increase the ability of Manitobans to have access and convenience when you go shopping.”

The Retail Council of Canada said it’s disappointed Manitoba isn’t moving immediately to allow alcohol in more stores. Most other provinces allow people to take a bottle of wine while shopping, spokesman John Graham said.

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