Alcohol farm

Letter: Alcohol addiction led a boy to kill his father

The report of children living with an alcoholic parent reminded me of 1939.

I would be four and three quarters in September and was due to start school on September 3.

I lived on a farm in North Yorkshire and the school was two miles away but there was a bus service that took me there and back.

A boy living nearby showed me where to get on and off the bus.

One night at the end of August, when I was in bed, the boy knocked on the door and asked if my father could help him because he had just shot and killed his father.

Apparently, his father was a drunk who, when he returned from the pub, often assaulted his wife. The occasion of this night had been the final straw.

The boy picked up a loaded shotgun from the room and shot and killed his father.

I had to find my own way to school and Hitler made me think about other things.

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