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Kerala budget contemplates plan to produce ethanol, light alcohol from agricultural produce | Kochi News

KOCHI: While presenting Kerala’s 2022 budget, Finance Minister KN Balagopal announced the government’s plan to promote the production of value-added products, including light alcoholic beverages made from agricultural products.
Rs 2 crore has been allocated for research on ethanol production from tapioca in the budget.
The minister said the government will encourage the production of value-added products from agricultural products.
“The production of value-added products, including ethanol from fruits and other agricultural products, will be carried out, measures will also be taken to produce light alcoholic beverages,” the minister said.
“As a pilot project, Rs 2 crore is allocated for the project to produce ethanol and value-added products from tapioca at the tuber research center in Thiruvananthapuram,” the minister said in the budget speech.
He said the success story of a startup that made a profit from making products from Jackfruit – which is readily available in Kerala – was before the state.
He said the government is obligated to offer support to such startups that engage in the production of value-added products from agricultural products, the finance minister said.
Grants and loans would be allocated for the same, he said.
He added that discussions had taken place with startups during the pre-budget discussions.
He said ideal practices of generating value-added products through agriculture have been established in different parts of the state.
Similar practices have also taken place in the fishing sector, the minister noted.