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Henderson State University liquor sales plan moves forward

A plan to sell beer, wine and mixed drinks at select locations on the Henderson State University campus includes a restricted area at the university’s football stadium, a spokesperson for the system said Friday. from Arkansas State University.

The Arkadelphia campus may reach an agreement with Sodexo Management Inc. to serve alcoholic beverages after a vote Friday by the ASU System board of directors at its meeting in Little Rock.

Jeff Hankins, spokesman for the ASU System, said in an email that an application for the permit was still pending before the state liquor control board.

Hankins said Sodexo had submitted a permit application for a large attendance facility. He said even with the board’s resolution, liquor sales will be restricted and not open to all legal-aged fans at Carpenter-Haywood Stadium.

Documents presented to administrators indicate that Sodexo would be allowed to serve alcoholic beverages in the “donor room area” of the stadium, as well as a few other sites on campus, including the Garrison Center, which includes conference areas.

Other sites that would be open for liquor sales include a pair of historic properties: Captain Henderson House, which is a bed and breakfast inn, and Barkman House.

Newberry House, which serves as the chancellor’s residence and is used to hold functions, is also on the list of sites where Sodexo could serve alcohol, according to council documents.

“This agreement will create new revenue opportunities for the HSU Foundation and the Arkadelphia area,” the board documents said.

The Board of Directors’ resolution passed by a vote of 5 to 1 without discussion.

Bishop Robert G. Rudolph Jr. voted against the resolution. Rudolph is a Jurisdictional Bishop of the Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of St. Maarten Rehoboth, which is part of the Church of God in Christ Inc., a Christian organization in the Holiness-Pentecostal tradition.

Another board member, Steve Eddington, was absent from the vote.

Eddington, vice president of public relations for the Arkansas Federation of Farm Bureau, attended the meeting but was “in and out” because the Farm Bureau also held an annual board meeting on Friday, said said ASU System President Chuck Welch.

Henderson State University, which has about 2,900 students, joined the ASU system last year. It has struggled financially in recent years and in 2019 received a $6 million loan from the state’s Fiscal Stabilization Trust Fund.