Alcohol types

Gloria Victis Update 332: New Drink Types and Bug Fixes

A new update for Gloria Victis is available for download. Update 332 introduces changes to the liquor system. This update also brings quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

Drinks are now divided into three different categories: Craftsmen, Warriors, and Potions. The change should improve everyone’s use cases, and hopefully players will benefit from the new design.

Beverage for craftsmen

This type of alcohol is suitable only for collectors, artisans, farmers and the community focused on acquiring materials for drinks. Drinks here will reduce stamina costs for interactions such as gathering and producing. In addition, they reduce the cost of using tools. Beers are more present in this category, with a whole new use.

warrior drink

This type of alcohol is suitable for combat purposes. The developers removed beer as it was found to be a cheap substitute for increasing stamina. New Battle Spirits cannot be crafted but can be purchased from ships or obtained through loot and rewards. There are now three levels of wine and mead, which can increase maximum hit points and stamina.

Drink for Potions

There aren’t many changes to the potion brewing section, but the Moonshine recipes are updated and are now accessible on workstations. They will, however, give players increased stamina regeneration, which was previously served by old brews.

Gloria Victis Update 332

Quality of life

  • Updated the visuals of the invitation window for World Events, Parties, and Sieges, to match the new UI style. Siege and event invites are moved from their windows to notifications near the minimap. Notifications will contain key information, a link to the events tab, and a button to join the event.

  • From now on, the Siege Survival and Nadir notification center banners will open these game sites in the Steam overlay. Be sure to check out these titles created in cooperation with the Gloria Victis team!


  • Fixed an issue preventing resource generation in guild castle farms from working properly.

  • Fixed edge case when mobs following its target would turn around due to being unable to find the in-point navigation mesh.

  • Fixed an issue where the animal icon would remain on screen after the animal was called back to the barn.

  • Fixed carpentry table workstation collider. Due to an error, there was no server collider and it was indestructible.

You can read more about the update here.