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Formula 1: Max Verstappen calls for regulation on alcohol consumption

Verstappen has called for alcohol consumption regulations at F1 Grands Prix

Max Verstappen has called for the level of alcohol consumed by fans at the Formula 1 Grand Prix to be regulated following several allegations of abuse at the Austrian Grand Prix last weekend.

Reports on social media included accusations of sexual harassment, homophobic and racial abuse at Spielberg’s Red Bull Ring.

A large contingent of Dutch fans turned out to watch Verstappen’s race

Many in attendance were there to see Verstappen in action, with an estimated 60,000 people making the trip to see the current world champion. A report from a participant claimed that five Dutch supporters lifted her dress and said: “No [Lewis] A Hamilton fan deserves respect.”

And Verstappen said more needs to be done to crack down on behaviors that could have resulted from drinking.

He said: “One thing that can be improved is the security around the venues to better control people.

“Those things can be regulated. There’s a certain amount of alcohol a person should have until it’s time to go to bed and wake up sober the next morning because if you start go crazy, you can do stupid things.”

Lewis Hamilton has called for more support from the ‘We Race as One’ F1 campaign

Fans were also heard cheering as Lewis Hamilton crashed in the second qualifying session in Austria on Friday, and the Mercedes driver admitted he found the experience “breathtaking” and called for more support to stop incidents like this.

“It comes back to some of the messaging that we’ve been talking about in terms of what we need to do here in sport, which is to be more committed to diversity and inclusion within our industry,” the player said. 37 years.

“It reflects the direction we are going and it reflects what our fanbase will look like. It’s time to act. [F1’s] The “We Race as One” campaign was great, but those were just words. It actually did nothing.

“There was no funding for anything. There was no program to actually create change and spark this conversation. We really need to step up and start taking action on some of the things that we say. Just say it not enough.”

Max Verstappen

A statement from F1 confirmed it would investigate the allegations, which it described as “completely unacceptable”.