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Eight Types of Men Women Should Not Date or Marry

Marriage is a lifelong issue, it has to do with companionship and this can only be achieved with mutual understanding and respect. Events in the world today show that many homes break up due to a lack of mutual understanding before getting married.

Dating of course will give you insight into the kind of man or woman you are dating and give you the opportunity to better understand what your home will be like. This piece gives you a clue as to why you shouldn’t marry certain men

Men who want you because you’re a virgin.

Virginity is a pride, all women want to marry virgins but the majority of them do not have it as planned but some lucky ones have the privilege of keeping it and they are the target of guys in the street. Men love to tell stories of how they have deflowered many women, which they consider a life achievement, if he tells you he wants you because you are a virgin. Please run, he may be aiming to pull that Siemens out of the vagina and leave you after completing his mission.

Men who consider your material wealth

Some men are goal diggers, they don’t date low profile girls, their target is a posh, wealthy woman. especially those who through hard work and determination achieve greatness, Society gives way to younger elements who have the chance to make wealth and they are always the target of goal diggers, A man responsible should be able to take care of his daughter, it’s not a bad idea for the daughter to support or spend money on his wife, but most of those who fall into this category end up cheating because of the mentality according to which these women are dominating or adopt an attitude

Men who have no plan or idea what they want

There are many men who have no plan for their life. They hardly know what they want for themselves in their career or management, let alone the marriage itself. Women should avoid men like this as they can lead to a trap and crash everything at the end of the day. A marriage built on a stand like this does not last, as the man will simply be stagnant and less important in the relationship.

Men without work

Another category of men that women should avoid are unemployed men. How can you decide to settle for a man who has no job? Who will assume the responsibilities of marriage? When the children start to arrive, who will provide for them? What about rents and other bills? Ladies should avoid men like this who will offer nothing but the responsibility of marriage. Therefore, the marriage will fall apart if it is not ready for its task.

Men who are not proud to celebrate and highlight your achievements

Ladies should be vigilant and be very careful in this area. They should at all costs avoid men who don’t take pride in showcasing their ladies. Women shouldn’t settle for a man who won’t flaunt them in public or even take them out regularly on a date. Men like that end up avoiding them or divorcing them in the long run. Men like this damage the self-esteem of their wives in marriage.

Men who always respond to problems with verbal or physical aggression

Some men are aggressive and can’t work things out without being unnecessarily violent and abusive with words. Women should avoid men who are always insulting, who can hurt them emotionally with words. In doing so, they must also avoid men who beat their partners as this can lead to death or disability.

Men whose only passion is sex and alcohol.

Women should also avoid men whose only passion is sex and alcohol. Some men only have sexual desire in marriage, that’s the only one they cherish in the relationship, they don’t cherish their wife or the relationship itself. Also, some men are addicted to alcohol and nothing more as a couple, they go out in the morning and come home drunk and useless to themselves and the family. Women should avoid such men.

Men who idolize or value their family members over their partners

It is good to value one’s parents or brothers and sisters, but men cannot do anything without consulting their mothers, brothers and sisters, which is very bad. Some men don’t respect their wives but go out for third party advice which will not be helpful for the marriage. Nor will it improve marriage growth. When it comes to decision-making, some men turn their partner down altogether and instead seek the advice of the mother or siblings.

Love is the foundation of any relationship and any relationship where love is conditional is bound to sever a genuine relationship is unconditional because if the condition is detached love may cease to flourish.

Any man who has any of the traits or falls into the categories listed above is not fit to be called a husband, so stay away from them.