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Dry January: here’s how to have a good year without alcohol

Dry January can still be fun without alcohol (Credit: Shutterstock)

Millions of people were to pledge to quit alcohol for the month.

Now those good intentions may be starting to wear off, but it doesn’t have to be a chore.

A buoyant soft drink market helps keep the mission afloat.

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New Years Resolutions, are you ready to swap your gin membership for a gym membership?

No need for Warner’s 0% Botanic Garden Spirits – billed as a “premium, farm-born alcohol bursting with flavor without any alcohol.”

The spirits come in two flavors, Juniper Double Dry and Pink Berry; both are 0% ABV and suitable for vegans – a bonus for anyone adopting Veganuary.

Whether you’re looking to eliminate alcohol altogether or cut back on your intake, you can still grab a tasty drink AND hit the gym.

“Drying out in January is a great test of determination and willpower, but let’s be honest, after the past two years it looks even more like a challenge in January,” said Warner founder Tom Warner.

“Our 0% Botanical Garden alcohols mean you shouldn’t have to compromise just because you’re drinking a soft drink. “

For those who yearn for their favorite beer, Dry January doesn’t have to mean dryness of taste.

Finding alcohol-free beer is less of a mission than it used to be and there is a lot to offer.

Heineken 0.0 is made with the same ingredients as its original alcohol, with the familiar and characteristic fruity notes of 5% ABV Heineken Original, the only difference being that 0.0 is alcohol-free.

And there is good news for anyone who wants to enjoy the alcohol-free pub. This year will see the deployment of Heineken 0.0 Draft, the first alcohol-free draft beer to accompany regular beer taps in pubs using the existing cellar.

The Low and No beer category is growing by around 30 percent year over year, but the introduction of the pressure is expected to explode in value in the market.

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