Alcohol consumption

Does the use of CBD lead to a decrease in alcohol consumption?

Investigators found that users who consumed CBD-rich strains “drank fewer beverages per day.”

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If you are a CBD consumer, there may be an additional benefit to be gained from the compound. New research shows a link between CBD-dominant cannabis use and reduced alcohol consumption.

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The study results showing a link between CBD and less alcohol consumption are consistent with the results of some previous studies. Besides alcohol, CBD consumption has been associated with decreased use of opioids, heroin, tobacco, and other substances.

“The present study provides preliminary support for the idea that herbal CBD may be associated with decreased alcohol consumption in regular cannabis users and suggests that it may be possible for regular users of cannabis to switch to a higher CBD, lower THC strain of cannabis for the purpose of reducing their alcohol consumption,” the study authors write.

CBD has been linked to reduced alcohol consumption . Previous studies have shown the compound to be useful in treating heavy and chronic drinkers, finding that those who used cannabis had less alcohol on the same day.

Although this relationship is not well understood, the number of available studies shows that there is room for exploration in this area. With enough research, solutions and treatment options may emerge for people who use drugs and alcohol heavily.

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