Alcohol consumption

Does drinking alcohol control cholesterol levels? What we know

To control the cholesterol level, one tries different ways and follows many tips and tricks. While many are changing their diets, there are also a few who are trying to stay fit and active to control their cholesterol levels. There are also many speculations and rumors about controlling cholesterol levels. One of these hypotheses is that drinking alcohol can control cholesterol levels.

According to the Healthline report, it is difficult to understand the link between alcohol and cholesterol. Consuming alcohol in small amounts is not very harmful, however, excessive consumption increases the risk of cancer, liver disease and heart disease.

It has been revealed in various studies that drinking alcohol in small amounts improves good cholesterol and keeps bad cholesterol under control. However, keep in mind their cholesterol levels and the amount of alcohol they consume. Alcohol should not be used as a medicine.

Excess alcohol increases the risk of heart disease and is also dangerous for the heart and health. It can cause many problems like bad cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. Alcohol consumption can accumulate fat on the waist, which increases the risk of various diseases. Therefore, try not to consume alcohol.

How to control cholesterol:

Include fruits, vegetables, oats, nuts and flaxseeds in your diet.
Take a brisk walk, bike ride, run, or other physical activity to stay active every day.

Quit smoking if you want to control your cholesterol levels.
Keep your weight under control as obesity can also affect cholesterol.

Alcohol should be avoided to prevent several diseases, especially those related to the heart. Cholesterol levels should be kept up by changing your lifestyle and incorporating healthy habits. One must stay away from alcohol and smoking to maintain health.

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