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Do Dry January? Here are 7 great non-alcoholic activities to try in Dublin

Are you trying dry January this year?

If this is the first time you haven’t had alcohol for an extended period of time, you may be looking for activities that don’t involve drinking. With the drinking culture being so big a part of life in Ireland, it can sometimes be difficult to think of date night or going out options beyond the non-alcoholic cinema. But there’s actually so much to do in the city and beyond that doesn’t involve booze, and as you’ve probably guessed by this point, we’ve compiled a list for you. That’s kind of what we’re doing here.

The ice rink at D12, Walkinstown

Live your best 80s disco life at D12’s roller rink, Dublin’s only roller disco and dance center with beginners classes and a wide range of dance classes too. You can find out more and reserve a place yourself HERE.

Climbing Center of Gravity, Inchicore

Take on the sheer array of boulders from Gravity to Inchicore, with hundreds of problems suitable for all skill areas. You can reserve a time slot HERE and may I also add, Rascals is just around the corner for pizza after the climb. You deserve it.

An evening at the theater

Glass Mask Theater on Dawson Street is the newest addition to Dublin’s theater scene and features exciting works from up-and-coming creators. They also do a medium charcuterie board. Take a look at what’s going on HERE.

drop zone

Bounce the awkwardness from the first date in this room full of trampolines at Jump Zone in Santry, Sandyford or Liffey Valley. Your inner child deserves it. Book yourself a slot HERE.

Farm in the town of Sainte-Anne

Looking for a healthy weekend activity to celebrate the feeling of sufficiency you get in the morning after a night without alcohol? Take a tour and meet some of the residents of St Anne’s City Farm in Raheny, it really doesn’t get any better. You can find out more about the tours and workshops held at the farm HERE.

Escape Room… on a boat

If the Lonely Island song isn’t playing in your head right now, I’ve failed at my job. The escape ship is docked and ready for you to solve puzzles, crack codes and uncover mysteries. With live action games suitable for 2-10 players, it’s perfect for a one-time date or a day out with friends. Get a reservation HERE.

Swimming in the forest

Beyond the County Wicklow boundary, you can fully immerse yourself in nature with a forest swim. Forest bathing originated in Japan in the 1980s as an antidote for those who were overworked and needed to reconnect with nature. Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t a quick dive – it’s about exploring the forest in many different ways: by touch, by closing your eyes and listening, and by sharing your experience with the group you are with. Swimming in the Wicklow Forest hold regular events and they recently introduced a bushcraft program where you’ll learn essential survival skills, polished up with a light lunch by an open fire. Bear Grylls has nothing against you.

Non-alcoholic activities we missed? Let us know, we’d love to add them to the list!

Header image via Instagram/stannescityfarm

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