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Dalton City Council wants to simplify liquor licensing process | Local News

Dalton City Council will hold the first reading of legislation to simplify the liquor licensing process at its meeting on Monday.

Council will meet at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall.

“Right now, these requests go first to the Public Safety Commission and then to City Council for approval,” Mayor David Pennington said. “It would eliminate the role of the Public Safety Commission in this regard.”

Pennington said the Public Safety Commission, which oversees the fire and police departments, would continue to play a role in regulating licensees and determining how they would be punished if they violated permit requirements.

“We just want to streamline the licensing process,” he said. “The city council must already approve these requests.”

Council will also hold second reading and vote on a measure that would allow some city pension plan retirees to return to part-time work without losing their pension benefits.

Under current city pension plan rules, if retirees return to work for the city, their pension benefits must be suspended until they leave city employment again.

At the May 2 council meeting, City Administrator Andrew Parker said finding and keeping employees with commercial driving licenses (CDLs) was a particular problem and it would only get worse with further news. more extensive educational requirements to obtain a CDL.

Those who already have a CDL have been exempted from the new requirements. Parker said that means retirees who have a CDL can take on roles without those requirements.

Retirees would be limited to 16 hours per week. If they exceeded this threshold, their pension would be frozen.