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Crowds, booze and guns are a bad mix at big parties, but the Halifax Sheriff’s Office says the law allows it

ENFIELD, North Carolina – WRAL News explores a series of large outdoor parties in eastern North Carolina that investigators say escalate into violence.

Over the weekend, one woman was killed and five others were gunned down at one such party, which took place at a horse farm in Halifax County.

It’s unclear who initiated the shooting that killed 25-year-old Cierra Webb and injured several others; and the Halifax County Sheriff’s Department says no action is being taken against the promoters of the party which ended in a mass shooting.

The sheriff says there’s also little they can do to prevent the parties, which WRAL News says started in Nash County before the sheriff’s office pressured them to leave the area.

Dozens of shots rang out during the big bonfire early Sunday morning, and the Halifax Sheriff’s Office says casings show shots fired inside and outside the party – but so far no one has come forward to identify the shooters.

party flyers show that the event was organized by several promoters, including Buck & Bounce Productions, owned by Jocquez Davis, who dj with the stage name Hucklebuck.

Nash Sheriff Keith Stone said this spring his office began receiving calls about large parties in Nash County hosted by Davis and other promoters. Stone says the events took place on private land, but they quickly drew hundreds of people – and the Nash Sheriff’s Office began to receive more frequent calls for service from people living nearby.

On July 24, his deputies arrested two people on gun charges at a party in Castaliaand he told promoters he was prepared to call in officers from the state’s liquor enforcement division.

“I mean it’s not a good idea to have a party and booze and guns,” Stone said. “It was designated as a horse ride, then just a meeting, but at the end of the day there was a lot of criminal activity and a lot of disruption that came with it.”

In August, Stone said Nash County had rezoned the land where the parties were taking place to put an end to it. Flyers show that promoters and events quickly moved to Halifax County.

The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office says there is no ordinance prohibiting large parties from being held on private land, and unless they receive a noise complaint, the Sheriff’s Office would not take no action to end the event.

The owner of the Double D Ranch, where this weekend’s party took place, told WRAL News that private security stopped 27 guns from being smuggled into the party.

Some people who were at the bonfire say the number of firearms captured by security shows the parties pose a risk to public safety.

“Stop having parties”, said Karesa Williams, who attended the party. “People are losing their lives, and it seems like you keep getting them even though you know things like this can happen.”

On Sunday, the Halifax Sheriff’s Office told WRAL News that promoters of the recent bonfire also held an event at a restaurant in Rocky Mount last month, where they say a fight broke out and a no one was stabbed. However, on Monday, three of Rocky Mount’s promoters told WRAL News they were not affiliated with the party in Halifax.

The restaurant owner disputes that someone was stabbed,

“I looked at the CCTV cameras, I was here and it didn’t happen. We did our part, the police came and got all the footage here and we still haven’t heard anything. another about it,” said Moe Deloach, owner of Moe & D’s Restaurant.

WRAL News contacted promoter Jocquez Davis for a response to Sheriff’s comments and party goers‘ worries. He declined to comment, but posted a statement on Facebook on Sunday, saying, “I myself want to apologize to the people who were in the gun mix. I’m doing my best to get our people to have a good time and for fun but you got goons who get drunk and hear a gunshot and go crazy shooting I’m not doing this for the money I’m doing it because I love it atmosphere. I work faithfully from Monday to Friday. My our condolences go to the Loui Vi family. And another thing, our security was on point at the door with the search, but once you get to your car, we don’t we can’t control all these people.

WRAL News has also spoken with other promoters, who believe authorities are unfairly blaming them for this weekend’s event. Tune in to WRAL-TV at 7 p.m. to hear their side of the story.