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Corona launches alcohol-free beer with vitamin D in Juan Cabral’s ethereal ad

“Corona embraces the outdoors in everything we do because we believe the outdoors is the best place for people to disconnect and relax,” said Global Brand Vice President Felipe Ambra. “The feeling of the sun is one of the things people love the most about the outdoors, and Corona is always innovating to remind them of that feeling.”

David brought the notion of alcohol-free vitamin D infusion to AB InBev almost three years ago and has been involved in virtually every aspect of development, from taste formulation to product design and marketing strategy. . Sunbrew’s introduction this week seems timely, as people search for alcohol-free alternatives during Dry January.

“The journey was not easy, as vitamin D is sensitive to oxygen and light, and is not readily soluble in water,” notes Brad Weaver, global vice president of innovation from AB InBev. His team has persisted through rigorous research and development, “providing a unique opportunity in the market,” said Weaver.

On the spot, Cabral, who has directed iconic commercials such as Cadbury’s “Gorilla” and Sony Bravia’s “Balls”, portray a welcome respite from anxiety. Its frames sparkle with suitably sunny and slightly surreal images of turtles, palm fronds and hermit crabs.

It’s a poetic approach that never makes too many promises, an invitation to relax, feel the warm breeze on your face and enjoy existence for a while. (You know, there should be a branded island for that.)

Corona will expand Sunbrew to the UK, Europe, South America and Asia in the coming months. Other recent brand initiatives include its Clio Sports Award-winning “Match of Ages” and a “all natural” beach bar for World Oceans Day. Corona has also used stop-motion techniques before, exploring quality and craftsmanship in this awe-inspiring 2019 campaign.


Agency: DAVID Miami
Campaign: Corona Presents: Corona Sunbrew
Client: Anheuser-Bush InBev
Brand: Corona
Global CCO and partner: Pancho Cassis
Global Managing Director: Sylvia Panico
Managing Director: Ricardo Honegger
CCO: Rafael Donato
Executive Creative Director: Fernando Pellizzaro, Jean Zamprogno, Edgard Gianesi
Associate Creative Director: Joana Plautz
Senior Editor: Lucas Silva
Editor: Rafael Bornacina, Jared Schermer
Artistic direction: João Viegas, Sera Takata, Alexandre Smissen
Production manager: Brenda Morrison Fell
Executive producer: Carlos Torres
Senior Producer: Leticia Hernandez
Senior Director of Commercial Affairs: Barbara Karalis
Commercial Affairs Manager: Elizabeth Torriente
Account manager: Luiza Prata Carvalho
Group Account Director: Gabriella Hellbrugge
Account Supervisor: Alicia Talavera, Carolina Foster
Associate account manager: Miguel Barriga
Managing Director of Global Strategy: Paula Vampre
Strategy Director: John Carlaw
Associate Director of Strategy: Matias Candido
Strategist: Anastasia Lara

Production company: MJZ / Labhouse
Director: Juan Cabral
Producer: Nicolas Abelovich
Director of Photography: Leandro Filloy
Production designer: Carlos Umaña
Main animator in stop motion: Juan Pablo Zaramella
Editors: Emiliano Fardaus and Luciano Sosa
VFX Supervisor: ROJO
Sound design and mixing: Tres Sonido
Post-production producer: Julieta Fernández Castagnino
President / Executive Producer (MJZ): David Zander
Managing Director (Labhouse): Flora Fernandez Marengo
Executive Producer (MJZ): Emma Wilcockson