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Columbia County business in court to get liquor license back

EVANS, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — A decision to revoke a liquor license in early October prompted Stay Social to fight to get it back, taking the case to Columbia County Superior Court, where Stay fought to obtain the revocation and cancellation of the license. .

“She wants to serve Columbia County and this community. That’s why she’s fighting here for this,” said Stay Social Tap & Table attorney PJ Campanaro.

Renee Hajek’s company is hoping to overturn the decision to revoke her liquor license. Counsel argues that there is confusion with the order in question.

“The law should be struck down for vagueness because there’s no way for her to know what to present at this hearing,” she said.

Columbia County Commissioner’s Attorney Bill Keogh says the wording of this gross sales ordinance is the same as many statewide laws.


“To hold the county statute vague would be to hold the state law that enacts Sunday sales in the state of Georgia vague and questionable,” he said.

In 2021, Stay Social presented a calculation which shows that food sales exceed just over 50%.

Campanaro said: “She presented evidence showing that she had 50.3% of food sales, which meets the standards of the order. Our argument is that the Columbia County commissioners ignored this evidence.

But the county questions those calculations, saying they didn’t apply discounts to all areas.

Keogh said: “This document was presented, it was discussed, it was specifically discussed that they were just moving this discount to one area and not the other without any explanation.”

For now, there is no timetable for when the decision will be made. The judge is currently reviewing the initial commission meeting as well as the additional materials he received.