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Ban Russian alcohol What does the state have to do with alcohol?

Many countries come to the aid of Ukraine. Many companies are helping Ukraine by withdrawing their products and services from the Russian country. Now a Michigan state official wants to ban alcohol made in Russia. Many would say that every little bit counts.

State Representative Jeff Yaroch of Richmond called on Governor Whitmer to order the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to stop buying Russian-made liquor in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Rep. Yaroch said in a letter:

While these individual acts alone cannot have a significant impact on the Russian economy, we must all come together and do everything we can to starve the Russian war machine and make this dictator realize that there will be retaliation. for his inadmissible act of totalitarianism.

What does the state have to do with the sale of alcohol? Michigan has a three-tier system for liquor sales. This is called a second tier wholesaler. They buy liquor from manufacturers and then resell it to licensed distribution agents who then distribute it to third-tier businesses such as bars and liquor stores. Michigan beer and wine distributors explain it this way:

The three-tier system was designed to separate the manufacturers of alcoholic products from the distributors and retailers of these products. By creating a manufacturing level, a distribution level, and a retailer level, policymakers prevented the pre-prohibition norm of “linked houses” – a dangerous system in which manufacturers produced alcoholic beverages, distributed the beverages and owned the retail establishments where they sold their liquor products. .

Everything you need to know about liquor sales in Michigan and the state’s involvement can be found in the following video.

Whitmer spokesman Bobby Leddy said:

She ordered a full review of the actions and measures available to hold Russia accountable for the untold destruction, loss of life and suffering it has caused in Ukraine…We are currently reviewing options to ensure they have the maximum effect while isolating our state’s economy from any disruption.

We should all stop buying Russian products until the war criminal/dictator Putin is brought to justice or the Russian people overthrow him.

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