Alcohol farm

ALDI Summer Alcohol Collection is ripe for the picking

As everyone prepares the backyard for summer entertaining and the farm begins to share its bounty, fruit and fun are combined in the most delicious way. The ALDI summer liquor collection offers a plethora of options that will keep everyone refreshed throughout the summer. It might be better to have a few clean extra glasses.

Anyone who shops at ALDI understands that value is always part of every offer. Without compromising on flavor, these deals ensure the wallet doesn’t run out when a shopper leaves the store. For gatherings that require a few extra bottles, it’s always important that ALDI drinks provide that affordable and delicious refreshment.

For the ALDI Summer Liquor Collection 2022, old and new meet on the shelf. Whether it’s this mimosa for Mother’s Day or a selection of seltzer wines, the variety ensures that sipping never gets dull.

As for ALDI’s summer liquor collection, options include Giambellino Raspberry Bellini, Utopian Breeze Preach Moscato, Vista Bay Hard Seltzer Iced Tea, Pineapple Mimosa, Pacific Fruit Vineyards Sweet Strawberry Wine, Pacific Fruit Vineyards Wine Seltzer Variety Pack and Zarita Watermelon Margarita. Just reading the robust list can make a person thirsty.

While many people can think of reasons to enjoy one of these libations, there can be some creativity beyond just pouring the drinks into a classroom. Sometimes even a small twist can make that sip more vibrant.

Since the summer collection is all about fruit, a simple fruit filling is a simple choice. For example, any of the Vista Bay Hard Seltzer Iced Teas would benefit from a wedge of lemon or lime. Or crush a few berries in the bottom of a glass. Each of these simple ideas is a quick way to elevate any beverage.

Another option can be to create special ice cubes. For example, an ice cube flavored with a fruit or herb can slowly add flavor to a drink.

While fruit garnish is a great idea, another option is to go savory. For example, instead of just serving the mimosa just in a glass, add a Tajin rim. This bold spice can contrast sweetness. It’s that extra zip that keeps people coming back for more.

A similar concept can be applied to Zarita Watermelon Margarita. Since watermelon and mint are a classic combination, a sweet mint rim is a tasty change from a traditional salt rim. This hint of grassy notes can contrast with the juiciness of the watermelon flavor.

All in all, the ALDI summer liquor collection offers unlimited possibilities to have a different touch throughout the summer. But, like many good ALDI finds, it’s best to stock up when the drinks are on the shelf. Nobody wants to stay thirsty.