Alcohol consumption

Alcoholism and psychedelics: Clearmind trials reveal certain psychedelics help reduce alcohol consumption in mice

Clearmind Medicine Inc. CMND CMNDF on Thursday revealed promising results from two preclinical trials that tested the suppression of alcohol consumption in mice using its new psychedelic therapeutic treatment CMND-100, whose active pharmaceutical ingredient is MEAI.

The first trial examined the effect of CMND-100 in multiple doses as monotherapy. The second, produced in collaboration with SciSparc Ltd. SPRCinvestigated the synergistic effect of combining lower concentrations of CMND-100 with SciSparc’s CannAmide (proprietary formulation of Palmitoylethanolamide or PEA).

“We are delighted to reveal that our proprietary CMND-100 has shown very positive results that suggest strong potential for the treatment of alcohol use disorders,” said Adi Zuloff-ShaniPhD, CEO of Clearmind.

As part of the tests, tThe mice were given a 20% alcohol solution for 24 hours, three times a week for 7 weeks – and were treated daily with MEAI for the last two weeks. The mice had free access to water to test their preference for alcohol over water. Alcohol consumption was measured by weighing alcohol bottles before and after. CMND-100 at doses of 40 mg/kg and above has been shown significant suppressive effect on alcohol consumptionreducing alcohol consumed significantly lower than untreated controls (p

The second trial aimed to test the hypothesis that sub-effective doses of CMND-100 in combination with CannAmide will further attenuate alcohol consumption (PEA is known as a safe neuro-potentiator). The results showed a significant reduction in alcohol consumption at the lower MEAI sub-effective dose when combined with CannAmide.

picture by DiamondRehab Thailand to Unsplash

“CMND-100 showed very positive results both in our own target dose and at lower doses combined with SciSparc’s CannAmide™,” Zuloff Shani noted. “These results are proof of concept for our goal of developing innovative, effective and safe psychedelic treatments that could revolutionize the mental health market.”