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“Alcohol will not prevent you from going to heaven” – preaches a Catholic priest (video)

He said alcohol is medicinal and good for anyone who takes it as long as they do so in moderation.

“Everything that God has created, just like wine, if you take it as it should be in moderation, it will benefit you”, said to his congregation while preaching.

He went further by urging those who consume alcohol to continue but to do so in moderation while pleading with non-consumers to continue abstaining as well, but keep in mind that this does not make them heavenly. at the expense of others.

His post sparked reactions on social media, with the majority of users agreeing with him, while others disagree.

Like the priest, some people cited the biblical scripture where Jesus turned water into wine, to support the pro-alcohol side of the debate.

An Instagram user, flamboyant chic wrote: “What debate? If you don’t want to drink, don’t. If you wish, drink in moderation. There are also health implications…that’s all. I’ve seen people acting like whiskeys and vodkas are from [email protected] but they’re drinking palm wine 🙄🙄 Who the fuck?

another user, jessylove_220 supported by saying: “The first miracles of Jesus were to turn water into wine, even in the Bible, God never opposes alcohol, he only condemns excess.”

Then, sexygodessbanky wrote: “But it’s true. E Dey bible drink but don’t get drunk. God turned water into wine.

During this time, promise.ucheka takes a slightly different view, saying: “Alcohol is not a sin, but total abstinence is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. This means that a child of God can take alcohol but a child of God who has the Holy Spirit should not.

And sulemankaiga strongly disagrees saying: “Did Jesus drink alcohol, did Moses, Abraham, keep confusing people.”