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“Alcohol is no excuse for vile racist abuse in 2020s Britain” – Voice of the Mirror

The vile language used by EastEnders actress Katie Jarvis when she verbally assaults Michelle Antonio is unacceptable. Being drunk is no excuse and racism must be exposed

EastEnders actress Katie Jarvis

It goes without saying that racism has no place in 2020s Britain. But given what EastEnders actress Katie Jarvis told Michelle Antonio, that message still fails to reach. some people.

His language was coarse. The feeling behind it even more.

Being drunk is no excuse and, as Michelle rightly observes, it’s a person’s true feelings that often come out after they’ve had a few.

Jarvis claims she’s not racist – but her behavior suggests otherwise. She deserved jail instead of the community sentence she received.

And Michelle is doing a public service today by telling us what a devastating effect this despicable incident, and the subsequent trial, had on her life.

Michelle Antonio was racially abused by the EastEnders star


Reach Commissioned/Steve Bainbridge)

No one should ever have to put up with that. And if telling his story makes others think twice about hurling racial slurs, then good will come of it.

It started out as a silly dispute over a chair.

There are many such arguments across the country every day and right and wrong are often a bit hazy. Bringing a person’s color to it is not.

It is still unacceptable. Always false. And should always be called and stamped.

Part of Jarvis’ rant has her declaring, “I’m a celebrity.” Not in our book, you are not.

A real celebrity uses their profile privilege for good – not as a badge to spout dirty, disgusting, and hurtful language.

Fix it, Sajid

It was right to ban mixed rooms in 2010 in order to preserve the dignity of patients.

It is therefore completely untrue that, 12 years later, there have been more than 13,000 incidents since October in which men and women have been forced to share the same hospital space.

Under normal circumstances this would result in fines of £250 for each breach – but this has been put on hold during the pandemic.

The last thing we want to see is the NHS starved of money. God knows, he struggles with what little he has.

And of course, we appreciate the pressures hospitals are under. It’s not the fault of overstretched staff when the choice is between a mixed ward or no bed.

But it’s up to Sajid Javid to take charge. He never tires of telling us how hard he works to clear the NHS backlog.

The Health Secretary should now work a little harder to ensure patients can be treated in the dignified conditions they deserve.

true honor

It was only fitting that the future king of England would be the one to personally give the fundraising queen her femininity.

Today we picture podcaster Deborah James – whose Bowel Babe Fund has reached a staggering £6million – with the badge that means so much to her.

And you mean so much to us, Deborah.

The pride you take in your new honor comes second only to the nation’s pride in you.

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