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Alcohol drift continues with drive-through rule

Alcohol Drift Continues With Drive-Thru Rule – Arkansas Times

DORALEE CHANDLER: The ABC director is asking for a rule change.

In about two minutes today, a joint budget rules review subcommittee approved changes to state the rules for controlling alcoholic beverages which will allow the sale of “small farm” beer and wine at drive-thru kiosks by those holding off-premises beer and wine sales permits.

The ABC, by chance, currently has a backlog of convenience store permit applications for small farm (limited production) beer and wine sales licenses. This rule change if approved by the Joint Budget Committee, would allow them to do drive-thru box sales, if a floor plan is approved by the ABC Director.

No questions were asked about the proposal.

Cocktails to take away from restaurants. Grocery stores with a full selection of wines. Sunday liquor sales in multiple jurisdictions. Dry counties voting wet. Alcohol sale delivery. Until now, liquor stores had drive-through privileges, but this could give them more competition in the beer and wine business. Arkansas’ liquor industry continues to evolve.

UPDATE: This rule was consistently approved by the Joint Budget Committee on Wednesday.

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