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A doctor has warned members of the public to be cautious about meningitis as the disease has many symptoms that can be misinterpreted for other conditions like malaria.
Speaking on a live radio show in Port Harcourt earlier this week, Dr Success Ogbangba said the disease is common in children and has killed more than 11 million people worldwide.
She described meningitis as a disease where the brain becomes inflamed and is accompanied by vomiting, high fever, stiff neck, coma and finally death.
Ogbangba said the disease is more prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa and more prevalent in the northern part of the country.
“Meningitis is more prevalent in the northern part of the country, but recently the belt is expanding, and that’s why people need to be vigilant,” stressed.
She explained that the symptoms occur when a person with the disease begins to avoid bright light and vomits with a high fever, adding that it can be acute and subacute.
Apart from children, the doctor said that adults are also vulnerable as they can also be infectious.
Ogbangba urged the public to always consult a doctor or go to the hospital if such symptoms occur, while condemning those who resort to prayer and other spiritual healings which most of the time complicate the condition of the victims.
One way to prevent meningitis is to eat well to boost the immune system and keep the environment clean, Dr Ogbangba argued.