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A Plague Tale Requiem crafting and ammo types explained

Crafting has always been a part of A Plague Tale, and it’s no different in A Plague Tale Requiem, where the system is virtually identical to the previous game. But, if you’re new to the franchise or want a quick rundown of the new Tar ammo type, which can really save your skin in a rat-infested storyline, then this guide will give you that rundown. Below is an overview of how A Plague Tale Requiem Crafting and Ammo Types work in combat and stealth.

A Plague Tale Requiem crafting explained

Crafting in A Plague Tale Requiem is almost identical to the first game, you need to find one of five materials in the environment to craft ammo types and coatings for your weapons. Those five crafting materials are sulfur, alcohol, saltpeter, cloth and resin.

All materials can be found scattered throughout the levels of the game, either on barrels or in a corner of the environment. But, the majority of them are hidden in chests or in one of the secret chest locations, which offer large amounts of rewards. Crafting is a fairly easy system to master in A Plague Tale Requiem and as you progress through the game you should have more than enough materials to craft what you need.

Ammo Types A Plague Tale Requiem

Using the materials above, you can then craft the following ammo types for your slingshot, crossbow, hand throw, or pot. These ammo types in A Plague Tale Requiem are:

  • Igniter: light embers, tar surfaces and tall grass
  • Extinguis: Puts out fires, generates vision blocking clouds
  • Odoris: Attracts rats to a target point
  • Tar: Ignite with fire, slowing enemies and amplifying a fire source that stuns enemies around

All of these ammo types have their place in the game and can be used in various scenarios to help take down enemies, create paths for yourself, and unlock new secrets or collectibles. Ignifier and Extinguis will be the two ammo types you use the most, with Odoris not being as useful in this game due to Hugo’s ability to control rats.

However, despite this, A Plague Tale Requiem’s ​​crafting and ammo types will all help you navigate through the game’s chapter list and approach some of the combat encounters in the game in a more flexible way. More open maps with enemies allow you to use some of these crafting items to take down enemies in new and unique ways and work to earn and unlock skills in one of three skill trees. For more tips like these, check out our A Plague Tale Requiem walkthrough.